I have decided to give myself a break from competition this year and come away for a while. It has been a tough decision to make and not one I took lightly. I love the feeling of winning something for my work, it gives me a thrill and a goal to push for.

However, just lately I have realised there is a lot of time spent getting the images edited to perfection, for them to be suitable/good enough for the Image of the Month competition. Sometimes I can spend hours just on one shot, perfecting it to what the judges deem fit for award.

My time is precious at the moment, I am fully booked already in June and August and when I spend so long on an image and it doesn’t get an award, it can be very deflating and can knock my confidence.

I feel that although getting a silver or gold would be amazing, in the wedding category it is limited. I would love to know the actual figures, but what it equates to is not many wedding photographers manage to get these and that can be frustrating.

I pride myself on being a fun and natural wedding photographer. For me to get higher than I bronze I feel I would have to manipulate my clients into poses I deem not natural. This goes against my morals, as first and foremost my bride and grooms need to be happy and comfortable.

I guess I am writing this post because deep down I feel like a bit of a failure. You have all seen me winning awards and I don’t want you to think I am just not getting them. The thing is if I am honest, bronzes just don’t feel good enough to me anymore. I want to get higher, but my morals are stopping me. This is my business and my baby and not what I started out for.

I will try again next year. I will get some more work behind me, do more courses (I love learning) and give it another shot. I will have a year of recharging my batteries, swatting up and come back stronger. But for now, I need to remind myself how far I have come in the last three years.

I will however still be working hard on your weddings and providing you with some lovely memories of your day that you can cherish forever. If you are interested in booking your wedding with Wildgoose Wedding Photography, please contact me for more details.

Until next time!

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