Choosing the best wedding fair for you doesn’t have to be difficult or confusing.

There are a lot out around at this time of the year and you can’t go to them all. So, I am going to share some pointers as to which wedding fair would work best for you.


These are put together and run by events companies. They are held in a huge venue like a stadium, city centre, large hotel. All the stands will be paid for by the businesses displaying.

This means there will be a lot of different options, ideas and stands to look at, but no recommended suppliers. Look at it as a real-life Pinterest board.

Great if you want to get plenty of ideas for your wedding. There will be a lot of varying suppliers with different styles and prices for you to think about.

Not great if you are easily confused, indecisive or get a bit overwhelmed. Anyone can buy a stand, so it doesn’t really help if you are looking for recommended businesses that you can trust.


These are held at big wedding venues, where they work with events companies to help them manage the day.

There will be a lot of different suppliers on hand to chat to and look around. A selection will be the venues recommended supplier and some will have paid the events company for their stand.

Here you can get to see the actual wedding venue set up, this can be beneficial if you are considering it for your own wedding. Table decorations, florists, etc tend to be the venues recommended, meaning they know their way around and can share some good advice.

Great if you are still trying to choose a venue and have a few in mind, it’s a chance to go and get a proper insight into what it looks like on a wedding day. Not as overwhelming or busy as the events run wedding fairs. It will give you more chance to chat to who you need to.

Not great if you are trying to choose your colour themes, smaller details or want lots of different options.


Each venue will hold their own fair, but the smaller family run ones tend to organise their own and only use their own recommended suppliers.

This is another great chance to see a potential venue set up as it would be on a wedding day. You will be able to chat to the owners, survey the grounds and have a far more personal wedding fair experience.

Great if you are considering the venue yourself, or only want to use wedding suppliers that are recommended. Most will have worked at the venue before and will know there way around. It will be a lot more relaxed and you will have plenty of time to chat to each person in depth.

Not great if you have already chosen another venue or, have the majority of your suppliers sorted. Stands will be limited so not as bigger range of ideas as the large fairs.

I will be at a selection of wedding fairs this Spring as a recommended wedding photographer. If you would like to come and have a look at my work or just have a chat about prices, please pop along.

Frankiln’s Gardens 10/01/19  from 6pm-9pm

The Granary at Fawsley 27/01/19  from 12pm-3pm

Sulgrave Manor 17/02/19 time TBC

The Barns at Hunsbury Hill 19/05/19 time TBC


Until next time!