The Granary Fawsley was the setting for the beautiful wedding of Jess and Mark, a stunning barn venue set in the middle of the rolling Northamptonshire countryside.

Just like the wedding of Kim and Peter, Jess and Mark had settled for just a few hours of photography. Including the ceremony, confetti, group and bride and groom creative shots.

Jess and Mark had settled on a relaxed field sports theme and had little details of animals and dotted around the venue.  This was accentuated by Jess and her bridal party arriving in a smart Range Rover convoy.

The flowers were absolutely stunning. A mix of cottage garden and wild flowers, and was I believe arranged by her friend. The cake was decorated in the same beautiful flowers and was probably the most impressive I have seen to date.

The day itself was extremely bright and sunny, which isn’t the best for wedding photography… well any photography actually! I’m pretty sure the guests though I was a little crazy, when I found four foot of shade against a back wall to do the group shots!

Jess and Marks creative shots were a mix of the venue and up the lane, where on arrival I had spotted a lovely wildflower field stuffed full of buttercups. Across the road we also found a wheat field which dropped down to show the rolling Northamptonshire countryside and the Fawsley estate.

With the super bright conditions, I had to compromise my normal natural light photography and use a bit of fill light with my flash. Thankfully I always carry a basic MagMod kit around in my rucksack for lighting emergencies such as this.

Once back at The Granary Fawsley I had time to take a few more relaxed shots before finishing up and leaving Jess and Mark to enjoy the rest of their special day.

I wish them all the best for the future.


Until next time!