At the beginning of the month I spent the weekend in Crewe for the annual Guild of Photographers conference and awards night. On the Friday my friend and I, Caroline Bridges (another photographer) traveled up so that we could spend the day on Saturday listening some of the guilds best, doing talks on various elements of photography and networking with like minded people.

On the evening of the 3rd we were all invited to the rather posh awards evening at Crewe Hall, this was another great chance to meet up and talk shop with friends old and new. It’s good to let your hair down sometimes and there were many there who I had built up an online friendship with through my guild buddy group, but not had the chance to meet yet. It was so lovely to finally put names to faces!

As far as the awards go, I had an idea that I would be awarded the photographers bar… This is an award that is very much sought after in the industry. Becoming a member of the photographer’s bar is a unique distinction awarded to those who have had images assessed by the guilds judges via the image of the month competition, over the course of the competition year (10 months) attaining a score equivalent of a point for each entry made.

In short, gaining the photographers bar would mean I have submitted strong images consistently throughout the 10-month period, something to be proud of, and a is distinction that is very hard to achieve. In 2017 I had been awarded 17 Bronze awards equating to 34 points, 10 more than needed.

I was indeed awarded honorary life membership of the photographer’s bar that evening. As you can imagine I was thrilled with this, a goal that I had been working towards through 2017!

I relaxed once I had been up to collect my certificate and was busy chatting to the guys on our table about our collective awards and wasn’t really paying too much attention, when I heard my name called out again… All the points I had gained last year had put me 7th in The International Top Ten of Guild Wedding Photographers. I couldn’t believe it!

It has taken me a little time to come down from the clouds and I keep looking at my certificates and having to pinch myself. One of my aims is to always be the best I can be. I will always enter awards and I will always keep on doing courses. Photography is an ever-changing business and you cannot sit still, or you will be left behind.

I love my job and all the new challenges it brings and would love to capture your wedding in the future. If you would like to meet up and have a chat or a Skype session, please email me your details it would be great to meet you 😊

Until next time!

the guild of photographers awards