I love the Barns Hunsbury Hill wedding venue, which is set on a hill overlooking Northampton town.

I must admit when I drove through a housing estate to get to it, I had no idea that it would open out into such beautiful countryside.

It was a real surprise.

One of the things I loved most about this venue was the fact the ceremony room had blackout blinds at the doors.

This may seem a weird thing to pick up on, but as a photographer these little things make all the difference to your wedding photos.

I also love the relaxed feel of their weddings, especially in the summer when the kids can play games on the lawn while the adults sit by the outdoor bar.

If you would like to look around and meet us all, I will be at their wedding fair on Sunday 19th May. Please come and say hi 🙂


1. How long has The Barns at Hunsbury Hill been a wedding venue?

Over 25 years but as The Barns since 2013

2. What do you think is The Barns at Hunsbury Hill’s best selling point?

That all money raised by the venue is used to help support the work of Northamptonshire ACRE, the charity that owns it.

3. What one tip would you give to a bride and groom?

Once the morning of the wedding arrives, stop worrying and enjoy your day!

4. How many weddings do you do a year?

Approximately 70 – 75

5. What is the average cost of a The Barns at Hunsbury Hill wedding? 

Approximately £6000

6. What is your favourite part of a wedding day?

Seeing the Grooms face when the Bride enters the ceremony

7. Who has been your most famous guest?

All our guests are famous as far as we are concerned. We treat them all the same way and help to give them the best day ever!

8. What was the most unusual theme you have been asked to do?

There’s been a few, however, I think the most unusual wedding we’ve had included lots of skulls and gravestones, but it was still beautiful all the same.

9. Has something ever gone wrong where you have had to save the day?

A groom jumped over a wall and ripped his trousers just before the ceremony, luckily, we have a sewing kit on site for such an occasion.


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