I LOVE the Granary at Fawsley wedding venue, so it is apt that it is the first in my series of “Suppliers I love

It is always hard trying to decide on the best wedding suppliers that fit your style.

So, I thought I would share the love and help you on your way with a few of my chosen favourites.

These are either venues like The Granary at Fawsley where I have worked previously… Please take a look at Jess and Marks Fawsley Wedding here

Or, suppliers I just love the look of.

I have asked each one to answer a set of questions. Letting you to get to know them a little better before making your decision.

The reason I love a Granary at Fawsley wedding? There are many reasons, but the biggest is the location.

Nestled in the Northamptonshire countryside, it is a real gem of venue that is surrounded by fields of wheat and wildflowers in the summer.

I am a country girl at heart and love the peace and tranquility this venue brings.

Not forgetting the passionate service provided by Donna and Glenn, makes it a must to go and view.

I will be at The Granary wedding fair on 27th January. Please come and say hi to us all.


1. How long has The Granary at Fawsley been a wedding venue?

Glenn & Donna took over as owners in 2012 and we did our first wedding in 2013.

2. What do you think is The Granary’s best selling point?

Our beautiful location!

We are set in a stunning valley and the photo opportunities are amazing!

3. What is your funniest wedding story?

We had one wedding where the Bride’s Mother booked singing waiters as a surprise.

The Bride was very particular about how she wanted the day to go so it was a risk!

The waiters helped serve the meal and then broke into song, thankfully the bride loved it!

4. What one tip would you give to a bride and groom?

To put their trust into the venue. We’ve lots of experience and will ensure that the day runs perfectly.

So many brides (and some grooms) worry about every little detail, but truly that’s our job.

5. How many weddings do you do a year?

We did 43 in 2018.

6. What is the average cost of a Granary at Fawsley wedding?

Approx £8000

7. What is your favourite part of a wedding day?

The arrival of the Bride (or Brides!) and the ceremony.

We always get teary as we get to know the couples quite well and really feel part of their day.

8. Who has been your most famous guest at a Granary at Fawsley Wedding?

We’ve had Sir Chris Hoy, Pastor Maldonado, Bruno Senna, Aled Jones, Ben Cohen.

9. What was the most unusual theme you have been asked to do?

We’ve had lots!

One wedding had a Motorbike theme with a full display of bikes and toolboxes for their table centres.

We’ve had donkeys, a unicorn, stilt walkers, a dinosaur theme…

Perhaps the most unusual was a recent Viking themed wedding, which included a humanist Handfasting ceremony in an ‘angel ring’ on our lawn. All the guests dressed up, it was like something from a film set!

For 2019 we’ve a Doctor Who themed wedding which we’re looking forward to, plus some traditional Indian weddings with all the rituals.

We love helping our couples to realise their wedding dreams and ideas, no matter how weird or wonderful!

10. Has something ever gone wrong where you have had to save the day?

We’ve had lots of cake crises – generally where the couple has asked a friend to make it and it’s collapsed on the day.

Our team are expert at saving cakes, and we have a professional cake maker on speed dial!

We also had an incident where the couple had put the wrong venue name on their invites which resulted in the suppliers setting up in the wrong place.

A few phone calls and it was quickly rectified before the couple knew anything about it! 

If you are interested in having a look around The Granary you can find out more here.



Until next time!