I am a multi award winning photographer! But what does that actually mean and what does it mean to me?

In case you hadn’t noticed photographers are two a penny right now.

Anyone who has a DSLR sat in their cupboard can I guess, call themselves a photographer.

But it doesn’t necessarily mean they know how to use it. Or that they know some of the most fundamental rules of photography.

Literally anyone can set up a Facebook page or website stating they are a professional photographer. It’s that easy!

With photographers getting a lot of bad press these days, some giving their clients substandard images and service. Something needs to change.

Multi Award Winning Photographer” may not be high on your list when you book your wedding photography. Neither might qualified or fully insured.

But trust me, these things differentiate between you being guaranteed the service and images you expect and the risk of you being disappointed.

This is why being a multi award-winning photographer is important to me!

Entering the Guild of Photographers Image of the Month competition means I push myself, but also shows I have guaranteed consistency in my work.

Being qualified shows that I have the ability to provide my clients with work they are happy with.

Contracts are just as important and must be provided on booking your wedding photography. Make sure you are covered and that your photographer has insurance.

These things are very important when finding your photographer.

Last week I got the Guild of Photographers bar in weddings for the 2nd time.

I am again also placed in the top 10 international wedding photographers. This is proof that my work is to a professional standard. You can find out more here

I only enter every other year as it is a very intense competition and takes a lot of time to prepare for.

I am passionate about my business and being able to provide my clients with images that they are delighted with. Something they will be proud to show their friends, family and future generations.

If you are looking for a multi award-winning photographer for your wedding or outdoor family portrait, contact me for more details.

Until next time!