I absolutely love history, and Sulgrave Manor wedding venue has plenty of that!

The ancestral home of George Washington, this is definitely a venue you need to have a look around.

What do I love about a Sulgrave Manor Wedding? Apart from the history, I love the fact you can have a wedding as large or small as you wish.

For a bigger wedding you have use of a marque/the barn and the grounds. For a smaller more intimate wedding you can use the beautiful hall.

Each part of the grounds has a different feel and I look forward to photographing a Sulgrave Manor Wedding in the future.

If you would like to have a look around and meet us all, I will be at their wedding fair on Sunday 17th February 11am-3pm. Please come and say hi 😊


1. How long has SulgraveManor been a wedding venue?

Sulgrave Manor has been a wedding venue for many years, however Ross and Ross Events have taken over the management of the site within the last three months.

Ross and Ross Events have 13 years of Wedding experience under its belt and are looking forward to working with Sulgrave in this exciting new chapter of its adventure.

2. What do you think is SulgraveManor’s best selling point?

Personally, I absolutely love the history.

The idea that Sulgrave was home to the ancestors of the founding father of America is just breath taking.

Other than its abundance of history, I would say the gardens.

Every season that passes I fall in love with them over and over.

I find a new corner to stand in, breathe deeply and appreciate the site in all its splendour.

3. What is your funniest wedding story?

Oh, I have so many, but I think my favourite would be a runaway dog.

A couple had boarded their fluffy cockapoo Alfie in a nearby kennel for the wedding weekend, and on the big day he ran all the way to the venue.

A whole 5 miles away (amazing considering he’d never been there!)

We then had to include him in the wedding. Guests loved him, and it made for some great surprise pictures!

4. What one tip would you give to a bride and groom?

Take time on your special day to have 10 minutes together, with no photographer, no bridal party, no guests.

Sit down, breathe and appreciate the quiet together.

5.How many weddings do you do a year?

Sulgrave Manor host around 15/20 weddings a year. 

6. What is the average cost of a SulgraveManor wedding?

There tends not to be an “average” cost for Sulgrave Manor Weddings, as we get such a variance in style, sizes and lengths of weddings.

We hold a civil ceremony licence for two areas of the property.

Meaning couples could choose to just get married on site, or choose to spend their full wedding day with us.

Venue costs start from £4,500 + Vat.

7. What is your favourite part of a wedding day?

A true romantic at heart, I will always love the moment a bride walks down the aisle, either on her own, with her father or a friend.

That goose bump moment when the groom and her first lock eyes is just magical every time.

Other than that, I would say about half way through the wedding breakfast, when you see the couple’s shoulders just relax.

They are too busy eating, drinking and being merry to hold onto any more nerves and you can see them just soak in that wonderful atmosphere.

8. Who has been your most famous guest?

Apart from Alfie the Dog?

As a team we have been involved with such an array of clients.

I suppose the most famous would be The Queen, U2, Billy Connelly, Russel Crowe, David Cameron, the list goes on.

9. What was the most unusual theme you have been asked to do?

We don’t tend to deal with very unusual themes, but combinations of themes can be interesting.

Harry potter/Rose Gold or City Urban/Circus have been a few highlights.

10. Has something ever gone wrong where you have had to save the day?

You always prey and plan so nothing will hopefully go wrong. Obviously.

But sometimes there are elements out with your control.

I did have one wedding where a rather rowdy guest mistakenly threw a full glass of Red Wine down a bride’s dress just after her first dance.

Cue a crying bride and myself locking ourselves in the bathroom. Within 10 minutes I had the dress clean, dry and stain free for her to carry on her night!


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