I have been to Towcester Race Course a few times in my life for various parties, the racing itself and as a wedding guest a few years ago. However, I had never been there as a wedding photographer myself until a couple of weeks ago, when I met Laura and Paul for their pre-wedding shoot for their upcoming wedding this September.

It is always hard to gauge a location at a totally different time of year. Winter can look totally different to Summer with the grey skies and flurry of sleet we had last week. But the buildings and surroundings will always be the same and Towcester Race Course didn’t disappoint.

There are a lot of leading lines where the spectator stands are, some modern architectural staircases, stone steps and fabulous views. The main gates themselves could have posed an issue on the day with all the building work going on, but thankfully having seen them in advance we have already decided I will go roadside to take the shots, so the wedding venue will be seen instead.

This is one of the main reasons I find my pre-wedding sessions invaluable. It helps us suss out any potential issues before the big day and gives us plenty of time to rectify any problems. Laura and Paul have already seen their gallery and chosen their favourite shots, saving us time and stress in September meaning they have more time to spend with their guests.

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Until next time!