Holly Dack is a wedding makeup artist who I’ve worked with on a couple of weddings in the last few years.

We are both Towcester based and I am glad I can support some of the other local businesses here.

Holly works alongside Tranquility Nails Salon in the town, and runs her wedding make up artist services as part of this bigger business.

Holly’s brides always look beautiful and as a photographer, I can guarantee the make up lasts throughout the day.

She has had many years’ experience and has some very interesting answers to my questions below.

If you would like to book your wedding makeup artist, you can find Holly here.

How long have you been a MUA?

I have been a makeup artist for 18 years. I started with a theatrical, media and photographic make-up course at college.

What are the most popular wedding colours this season?

From what I’ve seen and trials I have already done this year I think Smokey grey/mink tones are in, and a good wing eyeliner never goes out of fashion.

What one tip would you give to a bride and groom?

Advice for bride and groom, take time out even a few minutes to just appreciate the day and take it all in.

How many weddings do you do a year?

I can do anything between 20-30 weddings a year and then a lot of wedding guests.

What is the average cost of Holly at Tranquility Wedding Makeup Artist?

I charge £70 for a bride. Bridesmaids/other wedding party members £45pp, and £25pp for trials.

What is your favourite part of a wedding day?

I just love being involved in the morning when everyone is soo excited (but hopefully not too emotional after their make-up has been done!!) 

Who has been your most famous client?

I was lucky enough to work on a couple of the Star Wars films when I first started out, so quite a few of the actors/actresses

What was the most unusual colour/style you have been asked to do?

I think my most different look I’ve done is rock/goth, a really dark heavy eye, it really suited the theme of the wedding

Has something ever gone wrong where you have had to save the day?

I remember doing a bride’s make-up and unfortunately the other make-up artist didn’t show up. I managed to do another 4 bridesmaids looks as well. It was fine and luckily, they were all ready in time!! 


Until next time!