Whittlebury Park Orangery was not the first time I met Sarah and Jody, I first met them when they organised a cake smash for their little boy. I’m guessing they must have thought I had done a good job, as not long after they asked me to cover their wedding. I know Whittlebury park well and have been to many parties there over the years, I also worked the bar at Whittlebury Hall back in early 2000’s.

January seemed to be a popular month for weddings for me, which I liked. Not only does it get dark early so we can play with creative flash photography, but normally us photographers are sat twiddling our thumbs in the cold dark months of winter. When I asked my clients why they had chosen January, it seems the venues have better offers then and charge a premium in summer months.

We met up at the Orangery for a pre-wedding shoot in the Autumn so we could figure out which locations they preferred for their big day. This saves precious time at the wedding instead of us trying to suss it out then! Sarah had also decided that she would like me to do a full day including bridal prep, where I went to the house to meet her and her numerous bridesmaids.

Thankfully I knew most of them from the school gates, or I had photographed their families in the past, this made it quite relaxed on the day. Holly from Tranquillity Nails was there again doing the makeup and Cherish Mortimer was doing the hair, one of the bridesmaids Sara is also a hairdresser so she was helping by doing Sarah’s daughters hair.

Sarah was really relaxed on the morning and when I left to go to meet Jody and his groomsmen she still had no thought of getting into her dress. The double decker bus that was taking them all to Whittlebury was due within 20 minutes and the bridesmaids were getting a little flustered, but Sarah was as calm as a cucumber.

Once I got to the venue I met Jody and his numerous groomsmen and two best men. I had decided to take some of the requested group shots before the wedding and the groomsmen was one. However, one of the best men had a different idea as he had disappeared to move the car. Where I do not know, as he seemed to be gone ages, but it gave me the time to get the ring shots before he reappeared.

Thankfully we managed to squeeze in all the photos we needed before the bus turned up with Sarah and the girls. By this time the guests were seated and ready for the ceremony to begin. Sarah had chosen her daughter to walk her down the aisle and give her away. I don’t think there was a dry eye when the registrar asked “and who shall give this bride away?” and she answered “I do!” such a cute and special moment.

Sadly, their son fell asleep once the ceremony started and slept for most of the day. On a plus point this meant Jody and Sarah could mix and enjoy the day and on a bad note it means he missed most of the photos. It was all just a little too much for him, but once the evening came around he was bopping his way across the dance floor with the best of them.

The reception had some great features, and we got some lovely shots of Sarah on the dance floor from the top of the stairs and the ivy tunnel is a favourite of mine. For the evening, they had ordered an ice sculpture and bold LOVE lighting which worked well with the first dance. I stayed for a while after with Molly the videographer to grab some dance floor moves and then quietly left while the disco was in full swing.

Until next time!